Living with White-tailed Deer Educators Version

Living with White-tailed Deer Educators Version

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Living with White-tailed Deer DVD

Educators Version



Teaching students about biodiverstiy and today's complex wildlife issues has never been more important...and this kit makes it easy.

This Living with White-tailed deer multimedia activity kit containes everything you need to help your students discover, research, debate and resolve a community white-tailed deer management issue.

Easy to use multimedia support kit includes:

  • Teachers Guide that explains how to conduct the activity and includes a duplication guide for all support material
  • Three part DVD that provides a teacher preview, presents the issue to students, and shows real community solutions
  • CD-ROM that includes the video and MPEG1 and printed materials in Acrobat files
  • Correlations to National Standards on easy-to-use electronic format with correleations to environmental education guidlines and national standards in science, social studies and civics

Video is hosted and narrated by Shane Mahoney, one of the world's leading educational authorities on both the history and future of North American conservation. Mr Mahoney has won international acclaim for his environmental education productions with National Geographic and BBC.

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